Meet Rachel Walter

Today we meet Rachel Walter.  She has 3 books out and is working on another.  I have inside information that it will knock your socks off!  For now, more about Rachel and her books.


About Rachel Walter…

Rachel is a wife and mother from Central Pennsylvania. Her favorite season is fall, for hockey, changing leaves, pumpkin everything, and bonfires often. She’s also a coffeenista with an insomnia problem. When Rachel isn’t playing with the people inside her head, making her family believe she belongs in the loony bin, she enjoys spending time with her family, friends, species confused cat (he believes he’s part dog, love him), and finding new books and music.
Regarding writing, her first love is Young Adult Paranormal, but she’s venturing outside of her comfort zone and opening up to writing more genres. Be on the look out!

More From This Author

True Connection (The Soul Mate Series) #1
Young Adult Paranormal Romance
Available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and iBooks

A Message of Flowers (A Pocono Valley Romance) #1
Adult Contemporary Romance
Available on all platforms

Soul Promise (The Soul Mate Series) #2
Young Adult Paranormal Romance
Available on all platforms

Coming Soon

Young Adult Contemporary Romance
Release Date: To be announce 2015

Catching Breeze (A Pocono Valley Romance) #2
Adult Contemporary Romance
To Be Announced

Twisted Destiny (The Soul Mate Series) #3
Young Adult Paranormal Romance
To Be Announced

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Rachel answered a few questions about her upcoming book Pucked. 

What is Pucked about?

Pucked is a story that follows two teenagers through their journey to adulthood while dealing with the struggles of Parental Alienation.

Are you excited for it’s release?

I am excited and terrified. I have so many mixed emotions about this upcoming release.

What has been the hardest part in writing this book?

Most of it is painful to write. These characters go through so much at such a young age. Making everything believable was definitely a struggle for me. I researched and talked with people who have lived through Parental Alienation on all sides of the spectrum and those stories broke my heart.

When can we expect to see the cover and release date?

I’m hoping you’ll see the cover early January. Release date…. I’m not ready to share that yet but it will be early 2015

Out of all your books what has been your favorite to work on???

Each book has a special place in my heart. While I work on them, I usually go through periods of love and hate. I have favorite parts of each book, but not a total favorite. For True Connection, I loved creating the friendships. In Soul Promise, Henry at the beach was probably my favorite part. It was like the turning point for him, there was darkness and light meshed together. A Message of Flowers, my favorite of that was Corbin’s farm. Pucked has hockey, and I’m a hockey nut so that’s up there 😉 but I can’t share my favorite part of this story because it’s spoilery.

Now here is some info about each of Rachel’s books. 

True Connectionebooklg

True Connection (The Soul Mate Series) #1

‘It’s going to take a fight, I know that. But it’s more than just a fight for my life. It’s a fight for my soul and my soul mate.’

Jazzy Williams is not your average coffee-loving teen. She’s battling depression, an overprotective big brother, and a depressed mother, all while trying to make friends at her new school. In the first week, she meets a gorgeous green-eyed hottie who turns out to be more than just some high school crush — he’s more than human. And she unknowingly enrages a dangerous breed of demon who wants her soul and life as payment. With the help of supernatural friends and protectors, Jazzy thinks she’s safe until what remains of her family is put in danger. Does Jazzy have what it takes to save her family, life, soul, and soul mate, or will all be lost?

*Warning* Mature Content. This contains some profanity, mild sexual situations, innuendoes, and violence. Recommended for ages 17 and up, depending on maturity level.

Available Now.

Soul Promise Cover
Soul Promise Cover

Soul Promise (The Soul Mate Series) #2

“Broken is finding the light and the healing you crave,
and knowing you can never have it.”

After the attack on his sister and his newfound abilities forming, Henry Williams is struggling to keep it all together. His wolf does not allow him to sleep, and he is beginning to hear voices, torturing him mercilessly.

Henry feels as though there is a war brewing inside of him and he is unable to control it. As a protector, he must find a way to fight his inner demons before he is left vulnerable to the real ones.

But an unexpected love finds Henry and he tries hard to resist it. Will Henry be able to overcome his inner demons? Will he be able to protect his mate?

*** This is book number 2 in this series. Please note that it is suggested to read the series in sequential order. ***

*Warning* This novel is intended for mature YA readers. 15 + for language and mild violence.
Available Now.

A Message of Flowers Cover
A Message of Flowers Cover

A Message of Flowers (A Pocono Valley Romance Novel)

White Carnations – pure love, sweet and lovely.
Daisy – Innocence, beauty, simplicity.

To florist, Georgina Nickols, every flower has a meaning and a purpose. Flowers are something she knows, lives, and breathes. But when they start mysteriously showing up on her porch, she’s unsure of their meaning, and of who is leaving them.
What do these flowers mean to the messenger?

An old friend from high school, Corbin Waylay, moves back to town. When he shows up, he stirs up all kinds of trouble for Georgina. Her life-long friend, Sid Trail, hates him and makes that fact clear to Georgina. But despite the warnings from her friend, she just can’t help the feelings that resurface. The feelings she hasn’t felt for anyone since high school graduation, the feelings that only Corbin can induce.

As Corbin moves closer into her life, it causes a rift between her and Sid. The mystery flowers continue to appear and begin to add to the stresses of life.
Love, secrets, pain, and lies surround Georgina, putting her trust to the test.
When the messenger is finally revealed, will the meaning of the flowers be enough to repair the damage of those hidden secrets?

Forget Me Nots – Remember me forever, good memories, hope.
Single Red Rose – I love you.

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Jason Cantrell – Manifestation

It’s Thursday so that means time to check out another author.  Jason Cantrell is the author of Manifestation.  Come check it out!  Then head over and purchase it! 🙂

“Manifestation is Jason Cantrell’s debut novel, and Volume One of the Arcana Revived series. It depicts the return of magic to modern times and the struggle of a teenage girl trying to survive and to make sense of the supernatural events going on around her.”

Manifestation Cover
  Manifestation Cover

Gabby Palladino believes in magic.

Her parents always tell her that magic is nothing more than foolish superstition. But she grew up reading ancient fairy tales known as the Fables of Arcana, which filled her mind with wonder and mystery. When those myths and legends start to come true, Gabby learns that real magic is far more dangerous than the bedtime stories she always believed in.

When people begin manifesting the powers of arcana, Gabby finds herself surrounded by dangers on all sides. She encounters people who can melt steel with their minds, create earthquakes, and summon flames from their bare hands. She must struggle to survive in a city gripped by chaos and destruction, while trying to discover why people are manifesting abilities that have been lost since ancient times.

What she learns will make her question everything she believes in, about the world, her family, and even her own self.

Jason Cantrell
Jason Cantrell

Jason Cantrell was born and raised in New Jersey, give or take a few years sowing wild oats and racking up credit card debt on the west coast. He’s a graduate of Rowan University, Class of 2013, with a Bachelor of Arts degree, majoring in Writing Arts and minoring in Communication Studies. He is also a member of the Rowan’s graduate program, Master of Arts in Writing, Class of 2015. Jason has been writing fiction since the fifth grade, and he most definitely believes in magic.

Manifestation is Jason’s debut novel, and the first in the Arcana Revived series. You can find more of his work at or connect with him on Twitter @CantrellJason.


Manifestation is available in paperback through CreateSpace and Amazon, and in ebook on Amazon:

Barns and Noble :

CreateSpace :

You can find Jason on his blog, Facebook, Goodreads, or on Twitter @CantrellJason.

Dean Smith-Richard and The Venturess

You might have seen tweets about Dean’s choose your own adventure scifi story.  If you haven’t well, now’s your chance to get caught up.  If you don’t know what it is, stay here and get the details.  Then you MUST join the rest of us on this adventure. After Dean writes each part of the story, he gives the readers a choice on where the story goes next.  It stays up for a week and then we wait.  I know I have wanted to know what happens next, you get hooked! Also the best part….. it’s FREE!  So I asked Dean a little bit about The Venturess and his plans for it.

What inspired you to write a choose your own adventure?

Like a lot of people, I loved those stories growing up. I wanted to do one for adults, except instead of making it an actual book, have it be something live and ongoing. Also, that way I don’t have to write in second person, which is hacky and terrible (although usually the only way to write a choose-your-own-adventure story in a book).
Have your readers surprised you in their votes and have they taken you in a different way than you expected the story to go?
Sort of. It’s been interesting to see some of the choices, when a peaceful resolution is chosen versus violence. I purposefully kept the crew small to being with, as there are choices that will lead to new people joining the crew. The first opportunity was at the end of chapter 3, and after a peaceful vote at an earlier juncture, I expected the same there, but it was not to be, so the potential crewmate died. That was kind of a bummer. It’s early yet, so I don’t know if it was surprising, but it was a little unexpected.

Do you write any parts ahead of time and change it based on the vote or do you wait till the vote closes?

I have the present storyline outlined in a description tree, so all the options are pretty much ready to go. Writing more than that ahead of time would be a fool’s errand. Each chapter is fairly short, around 1,000 words, so it rarely takes long to write. Plus, part of it was a challenge to myself- writing it within a week.
Do you have a favorite character in this story? I will say mine is Scorch.

I love all my children the same! It’s tough to say, because it’s early. I really do like them all, though, for different reasons. I am excited for Scorch, because he has secrets that will be fun to reveal, one day.

About how many chapters will this be? I want to say episodes because it’s like TV for me. “What will happen next week? I can’t wait”.

It depends. Nothing is sacred, so any of the characters can die, and there will be options that lead to that. Some options will lead to a quicker resolution than others. But the universe is open ended, so if interest continues growing, I will keep writing.
Do you plan on publishing The Venturess into book format?

Probably not. If it magically got super popular, maybe, but since I writing it as I go, the un-voted for options are never written. I want it to remain free, although if people like it, I will put a tip jar of sorts out.

How has The Venturess, writing wise, been different than your other work?

It’s very, I’m not sure what the right word is, not campy, but it’s Science Fiction through and through. Lasers, aliens, artificial gravity and all that, which is not typically what I write. I typically write science fiction that is such only by virtue of being set in space. They are much more speculative than science fiction, if that makes sense. But I wanted this to be a ‘simple’ universe with a lot of options.

What has been the best part for you in writing this?

It’s been super fun to have the challenge of writing a new piece, and it keeps the creative juices flowing. I like writing within the constraints given, that I have to go from one point to another that aren’t necessarily what I chose.

What is something you would like the readers to know about The Venturess?

That its fate is up to them in two ways: First, obviously within the story, but also I am giving it away, but I’m only going to do that if people want it. So if it’s something you like, please read it and vote on it (the first three chapters have about 1 vote per ten visits). I don’t have a firm threshold for this, but if the interest isn’t there, there’s no reason to write it. But I want to! So please, read it, vote on it, and tell other people about it.

So step aboard <a title="The Venturess " href=" and take part in this adventure!  Tell your friends!!

If you love The Venturess you can also purchase 3024AD on Kobo and Barns and Noble.

Kobo :

BnN :

Dean Smith- Richard

You can follow Dean on twitter at @deanfortythree , to find out what he is up to next.