Introducing : Dani Morales

Happy Tuesday everyone!  We have a new author up for you today! She is one of my best friends. Show her a little love, and at the end of this check out her awesome books!

Dani Morales
Dani Morales
— Author Bio
Dani Morales is a native Texan currently residing in Las Vegas, Nevada with her three boys. If she’s not working her early morning job, she’s writing or playing with the kids.

Dani and I sat down for a one on one interview. Well we talk every day so this was more formal. 🙂

Christina:  What’s your current project? Tell us a little about it.
Dani: I’m sad to say that currently I’m not really working on anything. I have the first two books finished in separate series, but as far as actively working on anything, they both are in editing phases.

C. What has been your favorite scene to write so far?
D. When one of my character’s realize they are the key to everything and that even though she/he has help from loved ones, he/she has to be the one to take on the world by themselves.

C. Who or what has inspired your writing?
D. Life. I’ve always loved to write but never really pursued it until I met a few people who are dear friends told me my story would make a good book. I started writing and it kind of took on a life of its own. It was like a flip was switched and ideas just came pouring in.

C. What is your biggest goal with your writing?
D. I would assume like anyone that writes, is to take the reader on a journey.

C.  Do you have any pre-writing rituals?
D. When I get an idea going with a clear image, I tend to make mock covers for the story and a playlist.

C. What is the weirdest location you’ve ever written at?
D. I used to work at Wal-Mart. We had a break room in the back of the store. Now it may not seem weird to you but when you have 20 plus employees sitting around you with varying degrees of conversation, a microwave nuking some sort of left over fish, and the guys that chose to sit with you while you have your headphones on typing away while they “battle” their pokemon cards….the smell alone… It was a one-time thing and an experience I won’t forget.

C.  How do you handle writer’s block?
D. I take a break from the novel I’m working on. I try working on something new, I read, or I listen to music.

C. How much research was involved in your latest piece and how did you tackle it?
D. Research can be pretty brutal. I had a few different people as well as the internet help me out on the last research project. I’ve never surfed before and a character in one of my books decided to take up surfing. The lingo alone is pretty extensive, so are the names for moves. I also had to find out information about the beach in California where the book takes place. Luckily I have a few friends and family members out there that were able to fill in blanks and tell me if it was accurate.

C. Are you a planner or a plotter?
D. I’m a panser. I tried planning and plotting but it never follows the direction I wanted it to. Not to sound crazy, but my characters take on a life of their own. They chose which direction to go in, I just happen to be along for the ride.

C. What has been your biggest learning experience so far in your career?
D. Writing is the easy part. Don’t get me wrong, it’s extensive and hard sometimes, but marketing your book is the hardest part of the whole experience. You have to locate readers, put your book out there without being pushy or spamming.

C.  Is there anything you wish you were told prior to writing or publishing?
D. Not everyone is going to like what you write. Logically you know that but it still stings when you get that 1 or 100th review saying you shouldn’t write.

C.  What’s next for you?
D. Hopefully I can get back into writing. It’s been a crazy year for me and things are just starting to get back to some sense of normal, so writing and school is what’s next.
C. Have you taken any writing classes? If so, share those experiences.
D. No. Though I wouldn’t be objected to taking one. I’m actually looking into taking a few classes when I start back to school later this month.

C. Is there any talent or skill you wish you were better at within the writing/publishing process?
D. I have such respect for editors. I wish I was better at my verb tenses and grammar.

C. Have your parents read your work?
D. My mom has read one of my books. It’s one of the ones that’s in the editing process. She’s mad at me for not finishing the story, it’s part of a trilogy.

C. What made you decide to self-publish?
D. Honestly, I think the biggest pull to self-publish is the ability to work on your own deadline. I’m my boss when it comes to writing and though I can set a pretty strict schedule, I don’t have a person standing on my shoulders. The pressure is still there but not so heavy.

C. When writing sexy scenes, do you need to be completely alone or does it not matter?
D. I prefer to be completely alone, but it doesn’t matter. When I write I get into a zone that everything around me completely fades away. I see nothing but the words flowing across the screen and the music playing in my ears.

C. What scares you the most?
D. Being a disappointment to my kids. Everything else can be overcome, but being a disappointment to them is something I never want to go through.

C. When did you start to feel like an author?
D. I still don’t feel like an author. I feel a little like I’m pretending.

C. Have you ever acted out a scene to see if it worked? Share a funny or embarrassing story about acting it out.
D. I can’t say that I have acted a scene out, but I have had them play in my head like a movie. That’s normal right?

C. Which poets or authors have influenced you in your own writing?
D. The list to this question is lengthy. As far as authors goes: Tiffany King, I’ve found that each and every one of her books that I’ve had the pleasure of reading touched me in some way, but Wishing for Someday soon is by far my favorite of hers. M. Leighton, a beautiful soul that writes equally beautifully. I wish I had one tenth of her lyrical capability. Nyrae Dawn, I envy the way she can capture the male POV. Misty Provencher, the way she vividly writes a world is astounding. Courtney Cole, the way she can pull you into a world and twist your emotions in a way that leaves you breathless. I can keep going but we can be sitting here for months.

And now you know a little about Dani and what her thoughts are on writing. I encourage you to find her on social media and say hi. Also Checkout her Author Amazon page and pick up one of of her books. 




Dani’s blog

Dani’s Amazon Page


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