Introducing : Kendall Jaye Collard

Happy Wednesday Folks! Today I have the AWESOME Kendall Jaye Collard for you to meet!  I am so excited for this post and I hope you enjoy our interview! And look for the surprise at the end!

The Fabulous Kendall Jay Collard!
The Fabulous Kendall Jay Collard!

In our interview you will find her the links to her sites were you can read her work. Trust me you will want to! 🙂 

Christina. What’s your current project? Tell us a little about it.
KJC : I’m currently submitting to Daily Picspiration ( and have several shorts submitted to anthologies. And of course you can find my poetry, shorts, and serials at The Darker Playground (

C. What has been your favorite scene to write so far?
KJC: I think I enjoy writing my TwitterShort challenges most. I’ll put out a call on Twitter for followers to give me an item. I’ll sit down over a lunch hour and create flash fiction with the items I’m given and make it as seamless as possible. If I had to pick a favorite of those, it would be TwitterShort Challenge 5. (
C.  Who or what has inspired your writing?
KJC: I’ve always been a big fan of Anne Rice. Her ability to make scenes come alive has always impressed me.

C.  What is your biggest goal with your writing?
KJC: Right now, it’s still to GET PUBLISHED 🙂
C.  Do you have any pre-writing rituals?
KJC. Not really. Since inspiration is like lightning for me, I wouldn’t have time to prepare anyway.

C.  What is the weirdest location you’ve ever written at?
KJC . I can’t recall any place odd. Most exotic location I’ve written is my in-law’s basement.

C. How do you handle writer’s block?
KJC. I stop writing and wait for my muse to return. I can’t push through like some people. The words come across as clearly forced.

C. How much research was involved in your latest piece and how did you tackle it?
KJC. So far nothing I’ve written has needed research.

C.  Are you a planner or a plotter?
KJC . I definitely fly by the seat of my pants. When I’ve tried outlining and structuring in the past, my characters laugh at me and then hold my hand as they go the direction they want.

C.  What has been your biggest learning experience so far in your career?
KJC. NSFW postings must have flawless editing, because typos kill ‘the mood’.

C.  Is there anything you wish you were told prior to writing or publishing?
KJC. Be patient. Don’t stress out about negative reviews; it means someone was reading your work.

C.  What’s next for you?
KJC. I’m not sure. Hopefully the anthologies get published so I can have hold my “Introducing KJC Party”.

C. Have you taken any writing classes? If so, share those experiences.
KJC. I took a creative writing class in high school. My teacher was Mrs. Bishop. She wrote on one of my papers that I would be published someday. Although she passed away several years ago, I’m still working to turn that prophecy into fact.

C. Have your parents read your work?
KJC. I think so. They haven’t commented.

C.  What made you decide to self-publish?
KJC . I haven’t yet, and I’m terrified to make that leap!

C.  When writing a poem, do you have a set word count you aim for or do you wing it?
KJC. Nope. No word counts. Just let feelings out and let the words sort themselves.

C. What scares you the most?
KJC. Having someone compliment my work when they don’t mean it. Because I’ll believe them.

C. When did you start to feel like an author?
KJC. I don’t. Not yet. Maybe once I’m published I’ll make the word jump from ‘writer’ to ‘author’.

C. Have you ever acted out a scene to see if it worked? Share a funny or embarrassing story about acting it out.
KJC. I’ve never acted anything out. I’d hate to ruin the illusion of how it looks in my head. 🙂

C. Which poets or authors have influenced you in your own writing?
KJC. I’ve definitely been influenced by the big guns: King, Koontz, Rice. But there are a few people I’ve met through social media that end up being unintentional muses, too. I think I’m drawn to the dark and dangerous that everyone carries inside them, whether they know it or not.

of course I can be found on Twitter @KJCollard. Links to my blog can be found @drkerplayground. 

Thank you for the interview!! and now here’s a little something for Kendall if I can get it to work! 🙂


Thank you Kendall this was awesome! :)
Thank you Kendall this was awesome! 🙂

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