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So today, I decided to do something different.  I wanted to interview the awesome dudes of The Super Awesome Geek Show.  John Adams was awesome to answer all my questions and provide some great pictures!


Hi Christina and thanx for the interview! It means a lot to us to be here with you and we are honored to be on your site along-side such awesome people!
What gave you guys the idea for The Super Awesome Geek Show?

It was Jason, really – Just like it says in the intro theme, he came to me one day and said “I want to do a podcast!”. When I asked him what about, he replied “A geek show.”. I took that as comic-geek and went ahead thinking along those lines and that we would geek out each week about toys, comics, games, movies and everything else in geek culture. It was only later that I found out he meant tech geek. heheh. But, we ran with it, since we were already geeking out about toys, movies and comic books. The name is also a story. It was almost “The Super Awesome Number One Geek Show”, but then we thought how would people enter the phrase “Number One”? Is it No.1, #1, Number 1, Number One? … you can see why we let that part go and became just The Super Awesome Geek Show!
Tell us a little or a lot about what you do?

We are one of Seattle’s best Geek Culture Podcasts. As a Geek-based Podcast, we have news of all things geeky – from comic-books to movies and film to games and sports. We geek out about anything! We also do interviews and commentary from a local perspective, covering all aspects of geekdom. We are open, positive and inclusive. All our episodes are family friendly (I bleep out any f-bombs that slip through with a meow noise)
We have special guests on, from time to time, that are in the industry and have interviewed many people from television and movie stars, record producers, comic book writers and artists, game designers, people in the space industry and more! We geek out about it all – from Star Wars to Duck Tales!
We post new episodes on a regular schedule. We will have two episodes in a row on each Friday of each week, then take one week off to rest, then we post two more episodes each Friday and so on – so generally, you get three episodes per month. We have found that we all need a break once in a while to stay sane. Unless of course, some important new news comes out and we feel it is necessary to record and post and episode right away, then you may find 4 episodes in a given month. We also have a YouTube channel where we post videos on a semi-regular basis. Sometimes daily, and other times more sporadically. These are mainly unboxing videos and reviews of the toys I get or have in my collection, so we do those when inspiration strikes, we have new toys to open, or I just need something to do on an otherwise uneventful night … heheh.
What has been your favorite podcast and which are you looking forward to the most?

I really enjoyed the one we did with IDW Comics Transformers artist Livio Ramondelli. Being a huge Transformers fan (my second love under Star Wars), I was crazy happy to have him on to geek out with us. I also enjoyed the one with Larry Nemecek and Lynne Zelinsky from the EIS space program and the NSS Enterprise. It’s so kool to be a small part of something that will orbit the Earth. I can’t wait to see it launch when we are invited to go watch in 2018! Our names are on the space-craft for helping them out!! I have also enjoyed talking to actors such as Rowdy Roddy Piper and Chris Sarandon from The Princess Bride. The Artist BROM is also awesome – an amazing guy! Wow – there are so many, they are all awesome! I can go on and on, but I will stop there. I just want to say thank you to all those who have come on our show and all those that are coming on in the future. It is such a pleasure and a privilege to geek out with all these amazing people!

I am currently looking forward to talking to Chris Pirillo on the show. He is such an internet sensation that I just can’t wait to pick his brain and geek out with him for a while. I also enjoy talking to local authors such as Dean E. S. Richard and Micheal G. Munz. There are a few others that we are working on getting on the show, some HUGE big names through some connections we just made, but I should not say who these folks are until we actually nail some of this down and I am absolutely sure they will be joining us to geek out! you will not believe some of the people we will have on in 2016! The Super Awesome Geek Show is going big-time!
What event have you been too, that you left going… “Wow this was awesome!!” ?

Star Wars Celebration VII. Hands down, the best event I have ever been to. We met so many great people there that are now life-long friends and fellow Friends in The Force and in the geek community. That show really made us have world wide reach and now we are listened to everywhere. heheh. It is a bit odd, though, knowing some people in the UK, Brazil, Australia (and who knows where else!?), are listening to our voices!
Tell us a little, again or a lot, about yourselves.

You can learn all about us at this link:
– but I will also go into details here …


I am John Adams @AwesomeGeekShow, the primary host of the show (or Wookie Impersonator). I produce the show and set up special guests and contacts and all that. Plus, now, I am editing each show and creating the files and running the content on the website and on Twitter. I am more of a Marvel Comics guy and a huge Vintage Geek (even have a shirt to prove it) – a collector of vintage toys, comics, games and video games that my brother and I had as children. I am kind of going through and getting a sampling of all the things we cherished as kids and keeping a representative sample of each toy-line that we played with. I do not have the room or the money to be a completest, so I pick and choose what to buy and if I run out of room, then something has to go. So I am very careful with what I collect these days. I try to stay very disciplined with my vintage toy and video game collection.
I own an eBay business called Kingdom Of The Geeks and it is my dream to one day turn that into a super-mega store – a HUGE retail outlet the size of a mall or warehouse store, but with all geek-related things. Imagine something the size of a Target or Wal-Mart but filled only with comics,books, movies, board games, table-top games, video games, arcades, pinball, toys, a geek-related art gallery and more!? I think it can be done…
I am an artist (under the name of Smada Nhoj or J. Edward Adams) of acrylics, water colors and photography and have been shown in galleries around the Seattle area. @Smada_Nhoj on Twitter, I have had three shows in art galleries so far and hope to do more soon. The last one had some photography I had done of my vintage action figures. I was not sure if it would go over well, but people really resonated with it and I was told by the gallery curator that folks would come in and spend hours lost in nostalgia looking and discussing my work. That really brings joy to my heart knowing people can connect to my art and photography on a very personal level. I put my heart and soul and my person into my art, so I am glad to see it connects with people in the same way.
I also co-own and run the business-side of LLC – a software company that Jason and I started. We are still in the process of getting that off the ground, so i wont say much there – other than Jason is one of the other Hosts of the podcast show.

Jason – @Mr_Rigden – He is a regular host of the show and the tech side of things. He got the website going and set-up so all I have to do is create content. He does all the HTML and programming for the web-apps and all the things you see on the website such as the Seattle Area Geek Map and all. Jason loves shows like Duck Tales and Transformers and other cartons we grew up with in the 80’s and 90’s and he still loves animated television shows and films to this day! Jason is also big into the DC universe and all the new Televisions shows along-side that such as The Flash and Arrow – the Arrow-verse as it is now being called.


Rob Cifford – @Cyrinnic – He is another regular host of the podcast and he is a HUGE comic-book nerd – yes nerd. I say the difference between a nerd and a geek is that a geek just has fun and sometimes doesn’t know all the details of what he/she is talking about. And sometimes (most of the time) get things wrong. Geeks just like to geek out and speculate and have a blast talking about things. Nerds, on the other-hand know the hard true facts about the things they geek out about. One can be a geek and a nerd at the same time, and Rob is definitely that character. Rob is also an accomplished artist and sculptor and he shows his work at a TON of conventions and shows around Seattle and now Portland. Rob really likes DC over Marvel, but he can geek out about either in equal parts. Being form the land of Giant Robots, otherwise known as Japan, he is also a HUGE Transformers fan along-side Jason and I. This is a theme you will see popping up again with Mad Bee.

Mad Bee – @AngrySpaceBee – She is one of the rotating co-hosts on our show is the video game guru in our bunch and also a gigantic Transformers fan. Probably the biggest fan of Transformers in our group, and quite possibly the world! She works for a video game company in Edmonton Alberta Canada as a production artist and is a fantastic artist. Her stuff just sells out at shows faster than she can produce. She is an amazing person full of personality and charm. A great addition to the show and always a pleasure to geek out with.

Lee Grooms – @Grooms – He has recently joined us more and more often as a rotating co-host. Lee is into comics big-time and all the television that comes along with it. he just loves to geek out movies and TV. He is a solid foundation among us and always has a perspective that comes from deep thought and range. He is kid of the philosopher of the group and usually has some bone to throw at us that none of us had ever thought of before and brings with it, a great discussion. Lee is also a Star Wars fan and big into geek culture in general. He is currently running through all kinds of geek-related names for his soon to be born, twins boys .. such as Moonboy and Devil Dinosaur, Barry and jay and others of the ilk. I really don’t think Devil Dinosaur Grooms works all that well for a boys name!?

Tyler Brown is also about to join us as a rotating co-host and is a big comic-book geek and into all the shows and movies we love. not much to say on him yet, but by the time this is on the web, i bet you will hear his introduction to the podcast!

I should also give a shout out to Eric Locke and Jacob Bielecki. They started the podcast with us and have since left due to outside things going on in their lives, but they helped us build the foundation of this show and will always be recognized as founding members and a big help to getting this adventure off the ground.
What is your favorite topic to “geek out” on?

Star Wars and Transformers – hands down! It always seems to come back to one of those two topics or both! heheh. I also love to meet and geek out with all of our special guests and whatever they bring to the table to geek out about. I feel so privileged to be in a conversation with the creators and those that work in the industry. I feel it is an honor to talk to all these wonderful people who helped shape our lives in such important ways. We are all touched in some way by what these guys create today and by what has been created for us in the past. Some of us learned all our life lessons from Optimus Prime of the Transformers and Duke from G.I. Joe, and it is a pleasure to talk with the people who made things like that happen. I have an attitude that is like a Musketeer .. “One for All And All For One!” I truly believe that if we all work together and help each other – stay true to ourselves and just be nice to one another – that we can all achieve greatness and reach our goals. I see it like here is no competition between any of us and we should all work together. Regardless of what the 1% want us to believe, there IS room at the top for us all!
Ok here’s my geek moment. What are you most looking forward to in the new Star Wars movie?

Seeing old friends and making new ones. I was 4 when Star Wars: A New Hope hit the big screen and it has been a part of my life ever since. It is like an old friend. All of my firsts were because of Star Wars. I will just cut and paste something I wrote about Star Wars from an article that I am submitting to Star Wars Insider and other websites soon .. “Star Wars was responsible for meeting some of my best friends in life. It encouraged me to open my own business. It helped me bond with my brother and in our later years, my father, as well. Star Wars gave focus to my art and photography and through that, it helped me connect to the world in a way no other film has. Like an old friend, Star Wars has been there as something I always went back to, through the good times and the bad. It is the one solid thing that has always been there and now, with all this new material, I am sure it will be there for the rest of my life and bring that same joy and excitement to many, many generations to come.”
For the new movies, it is my hope that we see many Sith with Red Lightsabers and many new Jedi or Force sensitives with Green and Blue Lightsabers battling it out. I want to see what we saw in the games like Knights of the Old Republic on the big screen in live action. Many Sith vs Many Jedi!! I also can’t wait for more ship battles. I am a big fan of the ships of Star Wars and cannot wait to see more space battles! Some of those battles were my favorite parts of the classic trilogy. The battle of Hoth, both Death Star battles, and even the battle at the start of Revenge of the Sith, holds a place in my heart now as one of the great space battles of Star Wars. I was not a prequel lover, but also not entirely a prequel hater, I do have a lot of issues with The Phantom Menace still, but Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith have grown on me in the last few years and now I watch them as a regular part of my weekly watching. Yes, I do actually watch all 5 of the Star Wars films each and every week. (I throw Phantom Menace in only when I have some real spare time) – and well, when I say watch, I mean it is on in the background while I work on things – like the podcast, YouTube videos or art. That’s how much I love Star Wars – it is always on and always has been since I got the VHS tapes way back in the day. I wore out around 10-15 copies of those VHS tapes. I am so glad they are now on permanent media .. heheh.
Tell everyone how they can best support you.

Visit the website regularly
Get on Twitter and follow us! @AwesomeGeekShow
Go to Facebook and like our page!
Subscribe to us on iTunes and please leave a review! The more reviews we get, the better, and the more we will stand out when people search for geeky podcasts. Thank You in advance for that!
We have a Patreon page – – that is the most direct way to support us, by helping us with the costs of running the show. We have really small goals and very low pledges – some as low as $.50/month! Spare change can really add up over time and it all helps. Plus, you can be a guest on the show and geek out with us by being a supporter. So, pledge with us and let’s get you on and have some fun geeking out!

Hey – Thanx a lot for doing this interview. it is an honor and a privileged to be asked to share a bit of ourselves with you and your readers!

-John; The Vintage Geek and Host of The Super Awesome Geek Show!

Thanks John! May The Force be with you! 🙂


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