Human 76 Multiple interview!

Hey everyone!!  It’s been a while since a great post came this way, but today I have the extreme pleasure of interviewing MULTIPLE people at one time!!! If you haven’t heard of Human 76 then I don’t know where you have been hiding! I’ve tweeted about it and many multiple folks have as well.  Today you will get to see my interview with many awesome folks! They were all part of this awesome book.  Stick around, learn about it, and then go buy and or download the book.



“Quiet, you fool! You’re safe now!” Rough hands gripped Ghabrie.
A kestrel swooped but Ghabrie could not hear its call. She could hear only Nahria’s shriek. Ghabrie strained to glimpse her little sister through the mass of rebellion warriors and Prometheans. The two sides were withdrawing, both claiming their spoils and retreating. Ghabrie thrashed: kicking, biting, struggling against strong arms that restrained her.
“Nahria, I’ll come for you!”
The butt of a rifle thumped the side of her head as her words still echoed across the barren landscape. Ghabrie slipped into an oblivion brought by the hands of her liberators.

Fourteen authors take you on an unprecedented post-apocalyptic journey.

Here is how you can grab your copy of Human 76 

ePub (free for a short period):

Now…… for the interview!! I was able to talk to Michael Wombat, KJ Collard, Lisa Shambrook, and Miranda Kate. Enjoy! 

Christina : How was this idea born? (Who thought of it, brought it all together)

Michael Wombat: We all bow down to Lisa. The first I heard of the project was when she and Bekah were questing for authors, and because I’d long been a fan of her writing I threw my hat in the ring. When the project stuttered I offered Lisa my help, having already edited several previous anthologies.

Lisa Shambrook : My blog post here: tells you the basic story of how we started and Wombat’s adds more to how it developed .

My family wanted an unusual family portrait, so Bekah set up her tripod and we went post-apocalyptic! Later, when we shared the photos on Facebook, one of Bekah’s selfies was highlighted by several people and as more people commented, more of my writing community said they wanted to write for the character. So Bekah and I created a world and background for Ghabrie and thus breathed life into Bekah’s post-apocalyptic character!

It was a long way into the project when stories were being finished that Bekah and I realised we didn’t have the know how to publish, and we stalled, but reading KJ’s  excited tweets about the stories encouraged us and we brought Michael Wombat on board, and it was full steam ahead!

Kendall Jaye Collard: I think it was several of us that asked permission to use the Shambrook family photo posted on Facebook as inspiration for writing.


CP: I noticed a map in the front, how was it decided what story would take place where?

MW: As anthology editor I had to put this seemingly random collection of stories into an order for publication. Some clearly belonged at the beginning of Ghabrie’s journey, and others at the end. Others naturally paired up, and eventually they all settled into a satisfying order, not only in terms of Ghabrie’s quest but also with a dramatic rhythm. Now, I’ve always loved maps – who doesn’t? So I knocked up a map for my own amusement, trying to match landscapes to stories. Eventually, Ghabrie’s world lay there before me. You’ll notice that no story takes place in the port of Forlorn Hope. I had intended to write a tale for that location, but ran out of time. It may appear as an extra standalone, or maybe if we get around to a second anthology…

LS: Wombat made the map and we loved it! The original idea was everyone could write about their own characters anywhere within the world we’d created and given basic specifications for, the amazing thing was watching the stories develop in so many areas with so many different characters! But it was Wombat who put the map together and made it cohesive!

KJC: That’s all Wombat Genius.

CP: How did you come up with your story to fit in with everyone?

MW: Glint was one of those tales where I had NO idea what might happen. I just wrote an opening scene and let the story take me where it would. Then one day Alex, KJ and I were chatting and our stories just kind of melted together. My second tale in the collection, Sand, was written entirely because of inspiration from Rebecca’s The Oasis.

LS: I was lucky in that I got to write the opening quote which spurred on the theme of Ghabrie searching for her lost sister. I also wrote the first and last stories, the first seeing Ghabrie leave on her journey, and at that point it was wide open and I had no idea how or what anyone would write! I think Miranda had one of the most exciting jobs, as she read and edited all the stories, watching them begin to fit and flow one into the other!

KJC: I was so afraid to dive into this whole heartedly. I kinda purposely isolated my tribe because I didn’t want to “screw up” anyone else’s story. I knew Ghabrie would need to be included, so I used my story to get her some geographical movement toward her sister.

CP: What goes in to creating an anothology such as this?

MW: A GREAT idea, foremost. Plus lots of time, imagination, co-operation, tolerance, and talented writers.

LS:  A beautiful amount of creativity, hard work, cheerleading, encouragement and love, in equal measures!

KJC: This is my first time being published. Everything is a new experience, so I can’t really detail how this is different.

CP: What is the main thing you want readers to take away from this book, full of stories?

MW: Clearly enjoyment, that goes without saying, but I hope readers will be inspired to seek out other works by the authors of their favourite stories.

LS: I want them to marvel at the world and its characters and the amazing writing that has gone into it. And I want them to seek out the authors they’ve enjoyed and read them. Writing stories is often looked at as a romantic hobby, but this is work and passion and our authors are so amazing we want to give them recognition too!

KJC: I want them to be entertained; I want them to cry; I want them to laugh; I want them to fall in love.
CP:  I thought I saw proceeds are going to charity? If so what charity? (If not leave this blank)

MW: Water Is Life, who provide clean drinking water, sanitation and hygiene education programs to schools and villages in desperate need worldwide. The charity fits well the main theme of the anthology: helping those displaced or struggling to survive in a harsh world. WiL is a global charity, reflecting the fact that our authors are scattered all around this small blue planet.

LS: When Bekah and I first talked about charities we wanted any proceeds to go to people within this world who are displaced or who struggle to live. We are lucky, that isn’t even the word, we’re privileged. We have hard times but there are those who struggle hugely, way beyond our comprehension, and we want to help. The charity would have to represent our theme of survival against the odds and Water Is Life does that and so much more.    

NOW….. a Note from Editor Miranda Kate: 

CP: How did you come to Human 76 as an editor?

Miranda : I had seen the pictures Lisa Shambrook and her family had taken of a Post Apocalyptic family on Facebook as we are friends, as I am with most of the authors in this anthology, and I remember seeing mention of this anthology in another writing group we shared, and asked to join the group that was created for it. I did consider writing for it and read the story specification, but decided that it required too much detail for me, length being my biggest concern as I either write really short pieces (Flash Fiction) or really long (Novels). But I offered up my services at an editor when the time came because the story line intrigued me, and knowing the writing of many of the authors: Michael Wombat, Lisa Shambrook, K J Collard, K R Smith, Jeff Hollar, Nick Johns – I really wanted to read it. Editing it meant I got to read it that little bit sooner!

The editing of stories was divided between the authors, so they edited each others. This not only enabled everyone to practice their editing skills, but it gave them the chance to interlink their stories further, which I think makes this anthology particularly unique.

I was allotted a couple of stories initially, and then stepped in when another author had something come up and was unable to do their assigned one. Then, because I am fortunate that Michael Wombat rates me as an editor, he asked me to help him with the final proofs, which meant I got the chance to read everything, including introductions and authors note. *big smiley face*

CP: What did it feel like working on the anthology with all the other authors?

Miranda: I felt privileged to be a part of the creation of this anthology and be included in the close interaction between the authors. There was much discussion about interlinking the stories: how it could be done; what worked, what wouldn’t – even down to creating swear words that several authors would use in their tales. I gave my input, but as a reader rather than a writer. Everyone enjoyed the collaboration. Writing can be an isolating business, so it kept everyone connected.

CP: What did you think of the stories as you read them?

Miranda: I enjoyed all the stories, all the different styles of writing, and different perspectives on the storyline, particularly how the central character Ghabrie would show up in each one – she was a constant and everyone relayed her in the same way, which made the tales feel even more different pieces of one story.  

CP: Was it difficult working with so many authors together?

Miranda: My main interaction was with Michael Wombat as he would let me know when a story was ready for the final edit. But through the online group I would also rave about each story as I read it, giving each author ‘their moment’, reassuring them how good their tale was.

As an editor it’s important to both support the writer as well as give them constructive feedback about their writing and story, and that can be tricky. In those instances I always refer to my own experiences and things I have found difficult when writing to let them know they are not alone or not the only one having those problems. But with the stories in Human 76 I did not have to give a lot of feedback because the authors provided such high quality stories and writing.

Now you WONDERFUL Readers probably want to know how you can find these lovely folks I talked with.  Well here are there awesome faces and media information: 


Michael Wombat, man of adventure 😉




Lisa Shambrook

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KJ Collard

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Miranda Kate

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I tend to go under the name of Miranda Kate as an author, but I am okay with Miranda Boers too (which is what I think Wombat used in the dedication – bless him).

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Thank you to these awesome peeps for this interview!! Now…. Go grab Human 76 and let them know what you think! 

Thank you EVERYONE!

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