A Dragon at the Gate – Release Day – Michael G. Munz

It’s Release Day for Michael G. Munz’s third installment of the new aeneid cycle, A Dragon at the Gate!  Following are a few details about the book. AND…. AND…. You can get the first two books for 99 cents!  Get started!!



Michael Flynn has lost time. An operative in the worldwide conspiracy known as the Agents of Aeneas, the last thing he remembers is the struggle to retake Paragon—the derelict alien spacecraft found crashed on the Moon. Yet that was three months ago. Now, as he wakes in a hospital back in the high-tech, urban strife of Northgate, his struggle begins anew.

The Agents of Aeneas have vanished.

His friends are either missing, in danger, or altered. Hired killers shadow his every move. And Jade, the mysterious, cyber-enhanced woman watching over him, will give no answers. Thrust into a blind search for the truth, Michael needs allies. Yet whom can he trust when once loyal friends may have turned against him?

Meanwhile, an intelligence thought trapped within Paragon has escaped to Northgate. Driven to fulfill the goals of the mysterious “Planners,” it, too, seeks allies. When it finds them, it will transform the face of Northgate, the world, and the entire human race.

The year 2051 draws to a close, and nothing will be the same.




What do other Authors say about A Dragon at the Gate?

“Not a book to read before bed unless you aren’t planning on going to sleep until sometime next week. Munz has a way of developing female characters that are believably badass and likable. I especially fell in love with the cybernetic implant technology. Damn it, now I want some glowing hair.”

—Tiffany Pitts, author of Double Blind

“In a time where so many stories are re-hashed sequels and re-boots, Munz has created some truly spectacular science fiction. The entire series delivers what it promises, and so much more. Every time I believed I knew what came next, I found myself very pleasantly surprised.”

—JM Guillen, author of The Paean of Sundered Dreams


NOW….. You’re excited to buy this RIGHT????? well here you go!! 


If you want to start the series from the beginning …. you can. Books 1 and 2 are currently .99 cents!! https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01K5AI89O




Want to find out more about what Michael is up to? You can find him here:


Author of Zeus Is Dead: A Monstrously Inconvenient Adventure and The New Aeneid Cycle
Visit my website: michaelgmunz.com
Follow me on Twitter: @TheWriteMunz
Facebook author page: MichaelGMunz

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