Character Interview -Felix Hiatt

Hey gang! So sometimes authors let me borrow their characters for an interview. I haven’t done one in a while. However, I just finished, “A Memory in the Black” by Michael G. Munz. AND, he is letting me interview Felix Hiatt.  If you are TOTALLY unaware of WHO I am talking about you can find Felix in both “A Shadow in the Flames” and “A Memory in the Black”. Which you can buy HERE: I also hear he is in book 3, WHICH I will get to reading soon. Also, book 1, “A Shadow in the Flames” is currently FREE on ebook! So you might as well get started! 


So, enough of my rambling. Let’s get to Felix! 


Christina: Hi Felix! I am so glad you could spare a few minutes to talk with me! How are you doing today?


Felix: Disoriented! I mean, are you from a parallel universe? Am I? Are we both? Are there nachos? I’m not seeing any nachos, but it’s always smart to keep an eye out, just in case. (You know what the ancient Celts used to say: “Sometimes life gives you nachos.”) But otherwise I’m good, thanks! Excited to be here! Slightly caffeinated.


Christina:  Tell the readers of the blog a little about yourself.  You know, where you are from, favorite activity, favorite food, favorite planet, that sort of thing. 


Felix: Born in raised in Northgate, which you may not have heard of, though it’s a rather large metropolis in the Pacific Northwest. My favorite activity would have to be finding out things people don’t want me to know, especially if I’m being paid to do so. Some people have tried to call me a private investigator, but “information bounty hunter” has a much better feel to it. Favorite food? Phad Thai with shrimp, three stars, when I can get it. Favorite planet? Kepler 22-B. Or maybe Pluto. I’m glad they reclassified that one back in 2038.


Christina: If you could travel anywhere, where would it be and why?


Felix: How about Area-51? I know it’s been over a hundred years since something was alleged to have crashed there, but there’s surely still some top secret stuff going on there, right? I mean, maybe. I never let myself get one hundred percent sure of anything, but I’d absolutely love to dive into that place and roll around in its secrets.


Christina:  Who do you get along with most out of your fellow book characters? 


Felix: That’s got to be a toss-up between Marc and Caitlin. I’ve known Marc far longer, of course, and he’s a great straight man for my joke-cracking. Plus we both share certain secrets about the AoA so I don’t have to censor myself along those lines. On the other hand, Caitlin shares my passion for investigating secrets, and is letting me kiss her for the past six months or so, so it’s hard to pick a clear winner! 


Christina: What is the WEIRDEST thing you have ever done?  I know there has to be SOMETHING  *smiles*


Felix: You mean in addition to taking part in an experiment that put a little implant behind my ear that contained the memories of a 75 year old donor? Because a lot of people might say that’s pretty weird. I also once dipped a chocolate chip cookie in jalapeno cheese dip.


Christina:  Felix, I find you hilarious and witty.  Do you find that those help in tense situations?  


Felix: You do? Oh, I’m sorry, you must have really poor taste. *winks* But yeah, I tend to crack a lot of jokes, or at least up the wiseass quotient when things get stressful. Sometimes it helps, but, honestly, sometimes it just makes things worse. After a bunch of navel-gazing, I realize it’s one of my coping mechanisms, and my filter doesn’t always keep me from saying something stupid or insensitive. But I can’t help it! Well, sometimes.


Christina:  Speaking of tense situations, what is the most harrowing situation you have ever been in?


Felix: Aside from what I wound up getting myself into with Caitlin up there at the Omicron Complex? Or, geez, what happened at the RavenTech facility in—well, I probably shouldn’t talk about that. Spoilers and all. Once, when I was a little younger and a lot more foolish, I walked right into the stronghold of some gun-running gangers (whose name I’d prefer not to mention) and tried to sell them some information on a competitor with nothing to protect me but my wits and a pair of mirrored sunglasses. They were less in the mood to pay me than they were to try to beat it out of me. Long story short, that wound up with me fleeing across some rooftops at the edge of worst part of Northgate wearing nothing but some boxer shorts and those aforementioned sunglasses.


Christina:  Ok I like to play This-or-That in my interviews with characters. So ready? Here we go.  Chicken or steak?


Felix: Steak.


Christina: Fruit or veggies?


Felix: Fruit, definitely. I have a sweet tooth. Though the fresh stuff is hard to come by in Northgate anymore.


Christina: Boots or sneakers?


Felix: For me? Sneakers. For sneaking! …And yes, I realize the irony of shouting the word “sneaking,” so no fair pointing that out.


Christina: Milk shake or smoothie?


Felix: Milk shake. Ha! How is this even a choice! Unless there’s milk and ice cream in that smoothie. And I should probably make a joke about a yard here, but I live in an apartment over a nightclub, so…


Christina: Wine or beer?


Felix: Neither, really. I’m not much of a drinker. But hey, drink eight glasses of water a day everyone! Kidney stones are a pain the ass. Er, figuratively speaking.


Christina: Michael or Gideon?


Felix: I’m going to need a bit more criteria for the choice here. Can you elaborate?


Christina: Which do you prefer working with?


Felix: Aha! No offense to Gideon, but the answer here is easily Michael. He’s a heck of a lot more stable. Granted, I can’t really blame Gideon himself for that. From what I understand of what he’s gone through—and been put through—I’m shocked he’s doing as well as he is, really. Plus Michael laughs at my jokes more.


Christina:  Well Felix, I think I have taken up enough time, I am so happy that you sat down and talked with me. This has been fun! Anything else you want to say before we go?


Felix: I know you haven’t gotten Star Wars Episode IX yet in your corner of reality, but damn, it’s absolutely incredible. You’re in for a real treat. “Dance Party Tatooine” won’t seem like a great title at first, but trust me, it grows on ya.
Thanks for having me here!




That was a super fun interview. Thank you, Michael Munz for letting me borrow Felix for a little bit.  

Hey Gang,  pop to the top of the post and grab the books. You will love them! 

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