Zeus is Undead – Release Day!

“The gods are back again!” This advanced reader has some thoughts on that!

Plus there were zombies!! Who doesn’t love zombies? Ok maybe the folks in the TV shows, don’t but still.

First of all if you haven’t read Zeus is Dead…. yet, you better go do that FIRST! Plus I hear that Michael Munz put it on sale, so you get a win win!

In fact, here’s a link to Zeus is Dead. Go forth and read it first!


Now, my thoughts. See I’m not going to go into a ton of detail, because I would give too much away and I’m not an author, who is great at words. This is where I will start first. Michael Munz puts such amazing detail into this book that it’s an awesome visual trip for your mind.

So many new characters plus old favorites from the first book. (Again go read it if you haven’t)

With the gods back in this second book, they needed something to keep them busy. Why not a few zombies. There HAD to be a reason right? Well, there is. And it takes our friends Leif, Tracy and Athena without her powers, plus a few others to figure out what’s going on. But I’m giving the win to my girl Athena. She smart you see.

With strange things happening, Octoberfest and Athena having to travel as a human, you can bet you will laugh. Plus there’s Jerry…… I’ll pause and laugh here because you’ll see.

Honestly so much happens in this book. The new characters are a delight. The Cosmics and this weird Ryan guy who left me scratching my head. You’ll get it though.

I was overjoyed at being asked to read this before publication so I can give you my honest review. To sum it up, I loved it! The pictures painted in your mind make you wish you could binge watch it on Netflix. Let’s just call it mindflix!

So yes, if you’ve read Zeus is Dead, and enjoyed it. Grab Zeus is Undead!! Because it’s funnier AND it has ZOMBIES!


Sometimes all a fallen goddess needs to regain her power is a trusty sword and a worldwide zombie apocalypse…

Athena’s had a rough eighteen months. Formerly the goddess of wisdom, battle, and crafts, her divinity has been revoked. Zeus no longer trusts her, and a 7-foot ice cream sundae has usurped her position as his bodyguard. But when the dead start rising from the grave without authorization, things start looking up. What better way to prove her worth to Zeus than to solve the zombie problem?

Even so, it sure as Hades won’t be easy. No one knows why the dead are rising, why Zeus can’t eradicate them, nor why Australia remains zombie-free. Meanwhile, the Goddess of Strife is treating Athena like a chew toy. Worse, Leif and Tracy, two mortals whom the Muses insist be involved, refuse to help. If Athena can’t smack some sense into the situation, she may well become undead herself! (Also, global zombie domination, mortal extinction, no more football, et cetera. Bad stuff.)

Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07MB88GH1

iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/book/id1448223811

Kobo: https://www.kobo.com/us/en/ebook/zeus-is-undead-this-one-has-zombies